Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Here's How to Reduce the gap Prabowo-Hatta The Rich and The Poor

One of the agenda and program real presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa build a strong economy and a sovereign is to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor . So stated in their vision on the second page in the website

How? First , in addition to increasing the income per capita of Rp 35 million to Rp 60 million minimum , they assess the increase in equity and the quality of economic growth can also reduce the gap between the rich and the poor .
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Stride through increased labor force towards the absorptive capacity of two million jobs per year . For that they also include the need for improved regulation and infrastructure for labor-intensive industries such as textiles , shoes , and electronics .

This was followed by the opening of new agricultural land and making State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) as a spearhead economic revival .

They will also build processing industries to control the added value to the national economy . How, with the reform of the management of natural resources and industries , accelerate the development of downstream industries such as nickel , copper and bauxite , resume mining contract renegotiation and gas , and promote the development and competitiveness of downstream industries such as oil palm , rubber , cocoa , wood pulp and paper and other primary products .

In addition they also said it would focus on building and developing the national industry on land, sea , air and heavy equipment or farm machinery .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Bank Indonesia Bandung Office Official So Heritage

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) inaugurated Bank Indonesia Regional Office VI ( West Java and Banten ) as heritage and Memorabilia Bank Indonesia , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Changes in the status of heritage buildings Javasche former Bank was made ​​pursuant to Rule 19 of Bandung attachment # 18 dated August 7, 2009 .

" Indeed , there is a public drive of the Mayor of London to make historic buildings as cultural heritage . 's Why we excited , especially later this building is no longer just a legacy , but also a museum . Currently the existing collection , still we call semi- museum , "said the Head Office of Bank Indonesia region VI , Dian Rae Ediana , before formalizing Heritage Bank Indonesia and memorabilia in his office .
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Dian explained , began preparations to be unveiled , the BI doing renovations and gathering a collection of over 4 months since last February 2013 . Although it has not been satisfied , according to him , has so far been 100 percent to make the building process as a distinctive cultural heritage city of Bandung .

Located at Jl Braga , heritage buildings and memorabilia Bank Indonesia was initially a branch of De Javasche Bank ( DJB ) to - 15 . The building was built by the Dutch government as a precaution widespread impact of the Boer War (1899-1902) in South Africa .

Designer is architect Hulswit , Fermont and Cuypers Edward . Pembangunanya lasted three years from 1915 to 1918 . "Therefore , we make the building remains physically intact and could be used as memorabilia featuring the diverse history of the history of BI and panel -shaped collections of information , numismatic and non - numismatic , from old money to display devices , " said Dian .

Only , this museum attendance has not been fully opened to the public , given the extent of 50 percent of the building is still used for the activity of BI employees . Dian said , later this cultural heritage is really a historical tourist destination that can be enjoyed by the public.

" For a while have to make an appointment , could not direct traffic . Several tourists from the Netherlands and Japan had already been asked to make an appointment for a visit , " he said .


Friday, May 23, 2014

After the coup, the Military Hold Yingluck and cronies

Thai military authorities arrested a former Prime Minister ( PM ) Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday . Yingluck was arrested after he and the kroninnya required to report to the military has seized power in Thailand .

The Thai military commander , Gen. Prayuth Chan - ocha , also stated that it will reform the country before the election was held . After that , the power in Thailand will be handed back to the public .

" We have detained Yingluck , sister and brother -in-law , " said a senior Thai military officer told Reuters on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .
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" We will do it ( reform ) , not more than a week , it would be too long . We just need to set things in this country , "said the officer who declined to be identified it .

He also declined to say where Yingluck detained . However , local media said Yingluck was detained at a military base in Saraburi province , north of Bangkok .

Meanwhile , an aide to a cabinet minister in the deposed government who refused to be identified , said several people , including ministers were also arrested . The military also imposed a curfew still in Thailand from 22:00 to 5:00 pm local time .

In the area of ​​Chiang Mai , the mass pro - Shinawatra family of around 80 people gathered in the streets to oppose the coup . They vowed to stay on the road every day .

Former education minister in the Yingluck government cabinet via Facebook , also criticized the Thai military coup . " A coup would only make the situation worse . The seizure of power is not the way out , "wrote Chaturon Chaisang , a former minister 's name .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

risk Democracy

IN the implementation of democracy in Indonesia is often heard criticism about the lack of realization of democracy only on procedural level .

Democracy is realized only through the establishment of institutions and procedures and implementation , but have not shown the results promised by him as a political system . There is a House of Representatives , but more members busy with themselves and not much is acting as the voice and the interests of those they represent and who have chosen them because of various promises and dreams of the future has to offer .
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There is a general election , but the results are still often questioned whether the results really show the voice of the people , or to become an echo incessant dawn attack , or a reflection of counting discipline that invites questions and doubts . Similarly, there is a judicial institution , but confusion still seeking justice , to seek justice and where they can find it . There is a government with various ministries , but quite a lot of families who remain huddled below the poverty line , with the condition that not much changed from one regime to another regime .

All of this eventually lead to the assumption that democracy is merely a formality , which does not bring substantive improvements to the welfare of the people in the form of a more equitable , more certain justice , and the protection of the rights of people who feel safe under the auspices of the law . Meanwhile , we know , both the substance and procedure of democracy , are two equally important things , like two sides of the same coin .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jokowi-JK Requested Increase "Touch" Community

Presidential candidate and vice presidential candidates are carried shaft PDI - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla , the public was asked to reproduce plunge into the presidential election ahead of time .

This method is chosen and trusted the most effective way to garner public sympathy and support . " Jokowi as much as possible should be in contact with the public . ( The same way applicable ) included for JK , " said Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo PDIP , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) night , at Hotel JS Luwansa , Jakarta .

Tjahjo convey , the coalition believes that advertising in the mass media can help improve the public 's attention on Jokowi - JK . However , he said , without any direct interaction , then raising support will be nil . " It's very important media support , but move and come into contact with the community is more important , " he said .
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Jokowi- JK will also be assisted by a joint team winning in the 2014 presidential election . Joint team was coming from the PDI - P , Nasdem Party , PKB , and Hanura . Of internal PDI - P , appears an option to split the zone election campaign .

Four party chairman will share duties and campaign areas . Jokowi will campaign in Western Region and the Indonesian island of Java , while JK focus of the campaign in the east .

This pair winning strategy will be finalized in a joint meeting held at the Office of DPP Nasdem , Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) afternoon . Meetings also will determine the chairman of the joint team winning the Jokowi - JK .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Asked Vision and Mission, Jokowi Me Later!

Presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party ( PDI ) Struggle alias Joko Widodo Jokowi still reluctant to deliver the vision and mission to be executable if elected president later . Jokowi said , the vision and the mission will be presented later .

" Vision mission .. , later ! " Jokowi said after delivering his speech after registering as a candidate in the Election Commission Building , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

When reporters teased that Jokowi not had the vision and mission , Jokowi just laughed . Answer it slid from the Chairman of the PDI-P winning elections Puan Maharani . "Nosy yes , he asked , " Puan said , pointing toward the reporter .
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Previously , the Commission reminds pair candidates for president and vice president joined submit a document containing the vision and mission when registering as a participant Presidential Election ( Election) 2014.

The vision and the mission should be in accordance with the Long Term Development Plan ( RPJP ) National .

" The vision and mission of the proposed candidate would have to conform with the National RPJP .

Measuring compliance simply through revelation that the leaders of political parties is appropriate vision and mission RPJP , and signed by the leadership of the political party or coalition of political parties that carries the bacapres , "said Commissioner Hadar Nafis Gumay Commission .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crude Oil Prices Touch the Top Position Two Weeks

World oil prices rose on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , after the United States considering easing a ban on crude exports .
Futures contract , light sweet crude or West Texas Intermediate ( WTI ) for delivery in June , rose 1.11 dollars to close at 101.70 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange . This position is the highest closing price since 24 April 2014 .

Brent crude oil for June delivery rose 83 cents to settle at 109.24 dollars a barrel in London trade .

WTI surged in electronic markets on Tuesday morning , after U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz told reporters in South Korea that the U.S. is considering a ban on the export of long-standing , albeit without saying what the options are being considered .
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" The problem of crude oil exports in consideration ... Pusher for this consideration is that basically our oil production was probably far will not adjust to our current refinery capacity , " Moniz said in a statement reported by the office .

With U.S. commercial crude stocks running near record levels and the producers encourage the elimination of the export ban , the statement was quickly boost the price of the black gold .

" It was the first time that someone at that level ... say something that is seen in particular , " said Carl Larry , analyst at Oil outlooks and Opinion .

" We have never before at this point in our history , " he added .

This problem still face debate , with resistance , especially from refiners and others who may suffer if crude exports to push prices higher .

" The increase on Tuesday was just a spontaneous reaction to something that could change in the long term , " said Matt Smith , an analyst at Schneider Electric .

Smith said the oil market sentiment also gain strength from the continuing conflict in Ukraine and anticipation of U.S. oil inventory report on Wednesday , which is expected to show another decline in the trade center Cushing , Oklahoma , which is strictly observed .

" The market shrugged off weak economic data from China and Europe because of the focus on export news and geopolitical tensions , " said Smith .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sodomy Victim Sukabumi So 55 People

Perpetrators of sexual abuse victims in Sukabumi , the U.S. , continues to grow . Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) mentions the victims of sexual abuse committed by the U.S. grew to 55 people .

" From the collection that we do now there are 55 children who are victims of sexual abuse committed by the U.S. , and we are still coordinating with the Police Sukabumi City , " said Secretary General KPAI , Erlinda told reporters on Saturday ( 3/5 ) .
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According to Erlinda , alleged perpetrator to the number of boys that do more than one person . It also was stunned by the number of victims of this .

For the future it will try to help the psychological recovery of children who are victims of sexual abuse

While Sukabumi City Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Hari Santoso said while the inspection there were 51 children who are victims of the U.S. , and currently has 21 children who underwent the medical examination process .

" We are still developing this sexual harassment case , " said Day .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Claiming Faisal Akbar Witness of Brutality Election

Legislative elections ( pileg ) in 2014 just waiting for the results of the national vote Recapitulation currently being calculated General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

But unfortunately , the practice is giving money and food or known as the thick felt of money politics is everywhere to get their legislative seats .
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Candidates for the House of Representatives of NasDem , Akbar Faisal , pileg 2014 is the most brutal election ever attended . According to him , there is a serious violation that meets the current elections .

"The elections this year are very brutal . I am a witness of the brutality . Luckily I was able to seat . If I was just a little off guard , can escape . Political money and groceries defeat on election rules contained in Law No. 8 of 2012 , " said Akbar in Jakarta , Thursday ( 1/5 ) .

DPP Chairman NasDem Legal Affairs and Human Rights , Taufik Basari , also highlighted the rampant election money in elections this year . " Like the free market , all played using the money for seats , " said Taufik .

Taufik also urge people to be more pro - active if you see or know of any violation as indicated by the presence of political money . " Things like this should not be allowed because it would undermine democracy in Indonesia is sublime . Resistance politics should not only be done by candidates and political parties , but the people . However , it should be realized artifacts on evidentiary issues , " he said .

Executive Director Charta Politika , Yunarto Wijaya , assess pileg 2014 is no different from previous elections . In fact , Yunarto also worried will happen in the presidential elections next July .

" When the turnout could be increased from election to election , then we say we are more qualified election , the election we are more successful , please read the data in developed countries , elections here are still stuck in a vicious circle when it becomes an element mobilization the most important , so we will repeat the same discussion - discussion every five years , "said Yunarto .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

" Hijackers " Virgin Blue Aircraft Crew Indicted Disruptive

Australians, Matt Christopher , banging on the cockpit of Virgin Blue destinations Brisbane - Bali , prosecuted for the offense . He faces one count of disturbing the flight crew .

Matt confessed because he mistakenly thought the cockpit door as the door of the small room at the Kangaroo aircraft 's country of origin .

The man who worked as a plumber that Indonesian forces freed without charge on Sunday , last week .

The 27-year -old man will be tried in a Brisbane court on June 6, related to the events on the plane between Brisbane and Bali paa April 25.
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The Indonesian authorities initially thought Lockley drunk , but he was denied . Matt stated that the drama occurring as a result of a misunderstanding .

" This is a misunderstanding . Experiencing panic and I want to go to the bathroom , then I mistakenly knocked the cockpit , " he said at police headquarters in Bali , before he returned to Australia .

Security forces were deployed to the airport when the Boeing 737-800 touched down , and after the pilot gave no report alleged piracy efforts since heard someone banging on the cockpit door with a bang .

Matt herded out of the plane with a fully armed troops and the airport was closed for a moment .

Matt admitted under pressure during a trip to Indonesia to track down his wife , an Indonesian citizen , after losing contact over recent weeks.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Innalillahi, Idris Sardi Violin Maestro Passed Away

Innalillahi wa'innailaihi raji'un . Violin maestro Idris Sardi ( 76 years old ) who was critical due to complications of her illness has passed away into Rahmatullah . Idris Sardi died on Monday, April 28, 2014 , at 7:28 pm at the Hospital Meilia , Cibubur , Depok , West Java ( West Java ) .

'' Yes , Idris Sardi has meninggalakan we all face the Creator , '' said Akhmad Amazon , music and entertainment analyst when contacted by Reuters on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

According to Amazon , Idris Sardi already long illness since December 2013 is suffering from some sort of slam that many in the stomach to affect the pulmonary valve and also suffering from liver disease . '' Please prayer , may the hand of his deceased received , Aamiin ! , '' Firmly Amazon .

It is said that at this time Amazon was in hospital , the bodies of the deceased while still in the hospital Meilia Cibubur . '' Being taken care of and will soon be brought to a funeral home in Foreman Ety Road , No. 26 , New Land , Beji , Depok , West Java . The plan will be interred bada noon , '' he explained .
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Certainty of death of Idris Sardi also come from Gerindra politician , Fadli Zon . '' Idris Sardi has left us all . May the deceased received the best hand of God Almighty . Aamiin ! , '' He said .

Idris Sardi sick since mid- December 2013 ago. Violinist who has recorded around 1,900 work in Compact Disc or CD is a kind of disease that many slam in the stomach to affect the pulmonary valve and also suffering from liver disease .

The eldest of eight children born in Jakarta, June 7, 1938 is the last to do a concert on December 16, 2013 , titled " Maestro Violin Solo Concert Idris Sardi " in the National Library Theater relating to the launch of the prominent film websites Indonesian literature .

The trip could not escape the legend that started digaulinya violin at age five years . Art blood flowing from his father Mas Sardi which is a multi- instrumentalist and performer of various musical genres such as jazz , entertainment , as well as the classic Mother Hadidjah which is a well-known actress at the time.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Drunk on Plane , Matt Threatened bully 2 Years in Prison

Matt Christopher , the drunkard successfully making a scene on the plane he was traveling on Virgin Australia . Pounding on the cockpit door action finally pushed Virgin Australia pilot to transmit the received signal piracy Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali .

Now the man from the land of kangaroos 28-year -old secured the Bali Police . Professor of International Law , University of Indonesia ( UI FH ) Hikmahanto Heilbron judge , police had jurisdiction or legal authority over Matt who assessed disrupt air travel safety at Ngurah Rai Airport .
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" Police Authority is based on the principle of territorial sovereignty plane landed in Indonesia , " Hikmahanto said in a statement received in Jakarta , Saturday ( 26/04/2014 ) .

He said , in a crime on board , the authority having jurisdiction is a country where ' iron bird ' was landed . Not the country of origin or nationality of the airline perpetrators , and victims of crime .

However , he added , if the country where the plane landed relinquish jurisdiction , then the aircraft citizenship , perpetrators , and victims of crime can take over . As happened in the Indonesian human rights activist Munir was found dead while on a Garuda plane that landed in the Netherlands in 2004.
Sentenced to 2 Years Bui
According Hikmahanto , Matt can be charged under Article 412 of Law No. 1 of 2009 on Aviation . In the article it is mentioned , every person on board the aircraft during the flight that acts endangering flight safety and security can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp 500 million .

" But the police could have let go of their jurisdiction and submit the case to the Australian police , told AFP. Then Matt Christopher will undergo a legal process in Australia , " he said .

" In terms of which countries have more interest in this incident , then Australia than Indonesia . Terms of costs for legal proceedings , it is natural that Australia should not burden the state budget issue and Indonesia , " he said .

Whichever option the police , he added , would continue or release yurisdiksnya , Matt Christopher should not be freed from the bondage of the law .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Diplomacy RI - Saudi Arabia Makin Closely with the Aceh Reconstruction

Saudi Arabian Ambassador Mustafa bin Ibrahim Al - Mubarak was proud to assist Indonesia in humanitarian missions . Indonesia is one of the countries that receive assistance when hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh , 2004.

" We are proud of what we do to in maintaining good relations with Indonesia to provide assistance , " said Ambassador Mustafa at the Ritz Carlton , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .
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" Indonesia is an important part of Saudi Arabia . So we will give full attention to the victims , " he added .

According to the report Saudi Arabia to provide assistance in the form of the post-disaster rehabilitation . It was delivered on the occasion of a dinner hosted by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Jakarta .

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister ( Vice Minister ) of Interior of Saudi Arabia Abdul Rahman Ali Al - Rubaiaan , ambassadors from friendly countries , the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Tifatul Simbiring , Wamen Religion Nazarudi Umar , Gurbenur Aceh Darussalam , Zaini Abdullah , Governor of NTB Zainul Majzdi and entrepreneurs and the scholars .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Honda Freed "Facelift" with a touch of MinorHonda Freed "Facelift" with a touch of Minor

Entering the age of five years since I first attended in 2009 , Honda again refreshing Freed in order to remain competitive .

2015 facelift model sweetened with some minor changes on the exterior and interior , with the addition of several features that make passengers more comfortable in the cabin .

In terms of the face , the main change lies in the bumper and grille . Part fog lights made ​​messing with chrome finish line .

Grille is almost the same , but there are different curvature than the previous facelift . While the rear combination lamps also changed fresher . Freshly prepared color options for adding references .

For added passenger comfort , the side glass front using a technology that is able to resist ultraviolet light . Automatic air conditioning , equipped with cluster plasma to kill bacteria and prevent odor. Shades of upholstery made ​​of chocolate , with a combination of small lines such as wood fiber .

Not only the standard Freed , Honda also gives a touch of a minor for Freed Hybrid and Freed Spyke are indistinguishable from the exterior .

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While the engine is retained, 1.500cc , i - VTEC , with a 5-speed CVT transmission . In Japan , the least expensive model sold 1.74 million yen, or about U.S. $ 195 million .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still Ukrainian Conflict Heats Crude Oil

Brent crude fell , but still traded near a six- weekly , as new violence in Ukraine will lead to chaos agreement between Russia and Ukraine , the world's biggest energy exporter .

At least three people were killed in clashes yesterday in Slovyansk , the Interior Ministry said security officials accused Russia of exploiting violence for reasons of invasion .

" Ukraine is a psychological factor for the oil market . Ukrainian position is very important in the short term . Market the oil has reached a higher level , and speculators and hedge funds hold a large number of long positions , " said a senior fund manager at Astmax Asset Management Inc. , Tetsu Emori , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .
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Brent for June delivery fell 6 cents to USD109 , 47 per barrel on London 's ICE Futures Europe exchange . The volume of oil futures are trading down 39 percent from an average of 100 trading days .

While WTI for delivery in May , down 12 cents and was at USD104 , 18 per barrel , in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange . European benchmark crude closed at a premium of U.S. $ 6, 19 per barrel .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Brazilian campaign against child sex crimes

Brazil launched a national campaign against sexual exploitation of children while preparing to play host to millions of visitors who will watch the 2014 World Cup matches

Campaign with the slogan " Do not turn away " which was launched on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) aims to raise awareness of crime and encourage people to report sexual crimes against children .

As part of the campaign , the local government promote telephone service number called Disk - 100 which people can use to report sexual crimes against children .

Soccer player Kaka and Juninho Pernambucano , who played for the Brazilian national team , participated in the campaign which is being published in the mass media and displayed in large banners in strategic places .

" Brazil will receive a lot of tourists and we had a reputation as a country is above the law , " said Juninho Pernambucano who played for Brazil at the 2006 World Cup , Germany .

" I am a father of three daughters and I come from the northeast , where exploitation is much more extensive than in other regions , " he said as quoted by Xinhua news agency .

" The campaign aims to save the children and adolescents of the country 's difficult situation " he added .
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The campaign is coordinated by the National Mayors ' Front ( FNP ) and the Social Services Industry ( SESI ) that is part of an international initiative launched in 2012 in Europe .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The testimony of the South Ferry Captain Sewol

Jindo - Not yet known what caused the ferry to South Korea ( ROK), which sank , killing nine passengers . While the ship's captain admitted that the vessel suddenly sank .

Captain Lee Joon - seok who survived and is currently being interrogated by investigators , insisting that the vessel does not bump into anything .

" The ship did not hit a reef , " said Lee , as quoted by Dong - A Ilbo , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

"The ship suddenly sank . I do not know the reason for sure , " continued the 60 -year -old man .

It remains unclear what caused the boat to sink weighing 6.825 tons . While the passengers said she heard a loud noise before the ship stalled and eventually drowned .
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Call for help from a previously scattered survivors . The passenger took video footage shouting emergencies . Women were warned that water entered the ship .

While South Korean President Park Geun - Hye said he was surprised by this incident . He expressed his sadness over the events that occurred .

" Please do not give up until the end of time ( passenger found ) , " said President Park .

Ferry Sewol reportedly carrying approximately 450 passengers . Nine people were confirmed dead , while 179 others were rescued .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If the Democratic vice presidential Change Convention Thus , Gita Wirjawan Abandonment

One of the participants of the Democratic convention , Gita Wirjawan , believes that the final outcome of the convention was still carrying the presidential candidates . According to him , it is consistent with the convention held at the beginning .

" I think we must be consistent , in the sense of the word , the initial objective of the right to continue and finish this convention until the end of April . With notes , this is for the benefit pencapresan , " Gita said in Jakarta on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

He said that , until now , there has been no decision to change the convention be carrying the vice presidential candidate . However , it is the prerogative of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party headed by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .
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Former trade minister resigned if admitted later agreed was carrying the vice president of the convention . " Anyway, whatever was decided Pak SBY , I will respect it , " he explained .

Gita claimed to have spent large enough for a convention in the 2014 election . He said that it was done in order to raise the popularity and elektabilitasnya .

However , he does not tell you how much it costs already incurred . " Yeah hopefully worth it , people can judge whether I was worthy to be a leader , " he explained .

Previously , the Democratic Party convention to consider changing their presidential candidate who became the convention 's degree candidate . This is because the vote on the Democrats in 2014 legislative elections did not meet the target , only in the range of 9 percent based on a quick count .

" The Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention could be converted into a convention running mate with the same participants , " said Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily Democrat , EE Mangindaan , in Jakarta , yesterday .

That is , the transport minister said , not impossible to do because of a sharp drop in Democratic votes this election . The Democratic party in the 2009 elections is a winner with the acquisition of 20.85 percent of the national vote , now just sits in fourth position , under the PDI-P , Golkar , and Gerindra .

Meanwhile , the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee fully devolved to the fate of convention attendees Upper House Democrat who chaired Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . " The Committee organizes and facilitates . So , now we proceed to the upper house , "said the member of the Convention Committee , Fera Febrianti .


Repeat elections in Central Maluku Ballots Still Wait Posts

Chairman of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) Maluku , Moses Latua Toekan asserted , re-voting legislative elections in four polling stations ( TPS ) in the District Teluti , Central Maluku , still held.

" Because the existing recommendation of the Supervisory Committee of Central Maluku , " Moses said via cell phone on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Moses recognized , repeated voting in four polling stations can not be done because the Commission is still awaiting Maluku KPU ballots from the center . " In the near future ballots have been sent , so PSU held as soon as possible , " said Moses again .

Moses ensure , re- polling in four polling stations that will be held this week . Because according to the rules , re- election should not be more than 10 days after Pileg done , on April 9.

To ensure smooth implementation of the re-voting , when Moses was visiting in the area . His visit to see the readiness of the Ballot Group Organizers ( KPPS ) at four polling stations earlier .

Previously , Supervisory Committee issued a recommendation Malteng re- election in four polling stations Teluti Subdistrict , following the irregularities found .
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Among the violations , citizens who are not officers KPPS distributed letters of invitation to voters to vote , citizens using the identity of a deceased person to choose as well as the voters who voted more than once .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Requested Regional Head Protecting Productive Agricultural Land

Agriculture Minister ( Minister of Agriculture ) Suswono ask regents and local government leaders who attended the APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) in 2014 , to protect productive agricultural land , so as to suppress the conversion of land into industrial zones and other designated .

On the occasion, Suswono warned , the next challenge of the larger agricultural sector . In addition to extreme climate change , conversion of agricultural land is also more prevalent . This , he said , could threaten the growing food needs . It is feared that cause food insecurity .

"Please the Regents , productive agricultural land not converted . Certainly there must be a master in the form of spatial plan area . Janfan to productive land become a victim , " said Suswono , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Suswono explained , the agricultural sector has a strategic role as a provider of food . Conflicts between countries occurred as food . Suwsono added that Indonesia deserves strong achieve food security . " At any given time , the food sector is always needed , " he said .

The second role , is employment . He said that as many as 38 percent of the labor force is absorbed by the agricultural sector .
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Meanwhile , agriculture is the third role as industrial raw materials . " The hope is not agricultural products exported in the raw again , but the final product , " said Suswono .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update Latest, Make BBM Makin Shines

After greeting the Android platforms 4.0 and above users , the BlackBerry is now also bring BBM to Android Gingerbread device users older . Through the update rolled out on February 18 last , your Android phone owners " Ginger Bread " can now taste the instant messaging service that was popular in this country . Meanwhile , the Android ICS phone owners now can sample some of the new features such as BBM Channel and phone calls over the internet . Check out the following :

1 . Download BBM For Android from the Play Store .

2 . Open BBM and Sign -in with your BlackBerry ID as usual .
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3 . Upon successful sign in please select settings that are left and tap Channels . Readers need to know that the fuel channel feature is only available for users of Android 4.0 ICS phone up .

4 . BBM Channel To enjoy the service , users are required to enter your date of birth to help the BlackBerry in presenting content that fits with your age .

5 . Then the fuel will seek approval to access your location . Press " Accept " to approve . GPS and location services when you have not activated please touch " settings " and tick the box next to " Google Location Services " as well as the GPS Satellites .

6 . Once all the settings are done you are doing , you can start browsing the fuel channel you want to follow . You can search channels by selecting the search icon in the upper right corner . Try to use keywords that are related to hobbies , favorite sports team , favorite artists , or your favorite brand . To directly join a channel press the icon to the right of the channel name .

7 . Besides the fuel channel , you can also make phone calls to BBM contacts through the Internet connection . Simply touch the phone icon on your BBM contacts and BBM will make phone calls utilizing existing Internet connection . The presence of voice call features for users of Android ICS is certainly intended to counter the existence of other Android chat application that has already brought similar features .

8 . In this latest update , the fuel is now also supports backup chat history via email . To perform a backup , the user must enter into and perform backups chat contacts one by one by selecting the setting and continue with Email chat .

9 . With Find Friends on BBM , users can now also send an invitation or an invitation to a contact list without having to know the PIN. If the number in the contact list of the user instead of fuel, the invitation will be sent via sms to include your own PIN and BBM invitations to download from the Play Store or AppStore .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

After Hillary Clinton's reaction Throw Shoe Dodge ...

A woman threw a shoe to Hillary Clinton on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) , when the former U.S. Secretary of State who was also the first lady 's speech in Las Vegas . Hillary was able to dodge the throw and continued his speech by inserting comments into the incident light .

The incident was revealed by a statement from a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service , George Ogilvie . " Protesters were not living for Clinton's speech at the Mandalay Bay Hotel , " he said , as quoted by Reuters .

Ogilvie said that since the beginning of the security officers , Secret Service and hotels , have already marked the women's shoe thrower . " As soon as the agent and the hotel security approached him, he threw the shoe (toward Clinton ) and he was immediately arrested . "

Excerpts of the speech and the shoe throwing incident was caught on camera and then aired on the television network KTNV - TV . Here is the link of the news and video footage of the incident :

Look , throw the shoes narrowly missed the head is Hillary . However, the reflex reaction of 66 -year -old woman was seen still quite spry . He immediately looked down to the left side and slightly bent .

When the incident occurred , according to The Las Vegas Review - Journal , Clinton making a speech in front of about 1,000 conference participants about recycling metals . " Did someone throw something at me ? " Clinton said shortly after the incident .

Hillary 's comments appears when the camera is panned woman who threw shoes led officers to leave the conference arena . " Is this part of the Cirque du Soleil ? " Hillary is torn up to make participants laugh . He continues , " My goodness , I do not know that waste management is so controversial . "

Mark Carpenter , the Institute of Scrap Recycling spokesman Industries , ensuring the shoe thrower not at all associated with the institution. The Institute is an event organizer that presents Hillary as a speaker .

" Our staff refused access to him but he broke through the security officer . Officer safety ( other ) intercepted when approaching the stage . He has been handed over to law enforcement , " said Carpenter .

Throwing a shoe at the stage of world politics is a form of protest that have appeared in diverse parts of the world . In 2008 , for example , President George W. Bush throws shoes get when appearing with Iraqi Prime Minister at a press conference in Baghdad .
(see also: lomba burung kenari)

A spokesman for the hotel told Reuters that he had no information regarding the incident . While Clinton's spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this incident .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Advan Want So Samsung was Indonesia

With growing product sales , Advan continues to increase its sales target and hopes to become a " Samsung " the Indonesian when all its products can be produced here .

This is expressed as the Business Executive Heng Setianto Advan Java . He claims , in 2013 the average sales per month Advan reached 1 million units for all products , so that the total sales of approximately 12 million . This year , Advan targeting sales doubled so 24 million units .

" Last year , Indonesia's sales of 1 million units per month . Rise each year , this year 100 to 200 percent of sales targets rose , " Heng said on the sidelines of the Android Coaching Clinic at Paragon Mall Semarang .

Advan established since 1998 and produces a variety of electronic tools , Namu is now 50 % of production is the remaining tablets and smartphones and feature phones . Each year more than 10 new types of both tablets and smartphones issued by Advan .
(see also: pakan burung kenari)

" Smartphones and feature phones as a companion . Tablets 50 % , " he said .

This year Advan believes its new tablet -type T5C able to boost sales . Advan Marketing Campaign , Happy Hilvianti said , since its launch last February , until now claimed to have sold 5,000 units T5C in Semarang .

" Segments us to T5C ie college kids and young professionals . During the exhibition ( in Paragon Mall Semarang ) priced at USD 1,899 million , " he said


Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Counter Yahoo! YouTube

After failing to acquire the video site Dailymotion , Yahoo! does not necessarily give in presenting video platform . Yahoo! is reportedly working on a project that is ready to match the video platform YouTube - made ​​by Google .

But this is not easy for Yahoo! , reason , the mind of people around the world had already centralized to YouTube if they want to access the video . Moreover , people often used YouTube as a means to start a career in the entertainment world . In this case Yahoo! required to be able to present what had already been presented YouTube . (see also: waptrick)

A source says , Yahoo! even persuaded a number of " YouTube artist " to put his video if someday Yahoo! launches video platform . " The strategy is Yahoo! do not just simply ask people to put up a video , " said the source , who told Tech Times , Monday, March 31, 2014 .

According to the news , the artificial Yahoo! video platform is personal and can not be accessed by anyone . The search giant is still selecting the site any content which will attract people to access video platform . Although initially not freely accessible , Yahoo! will be presenting a platform that enables everyone to upload videos .

So far , though YouTube does not have a competitor that is able to match it . Over the past year , traffic or traffic access to YouTube has increased significantly , which is 40 per cent compared to 2012.
(see also: situs download film terbaru)

The main strategy is to be done to compete with Yahoo! YouTube is new content and appearance of the site of interest. Not forgetting special application made ​​on mobile devices . Access video from digital slates and smart phones is believed to boost traffic to be profitable for the platform provider .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Data, Cissa thalassina

Medium-sized ( 32 cm ) green eyes with a strip of black , red beak , and wings chestnut brown , brown iris and red legs .

Other information
Latin Name : Cissa Thalassina
English Name : Javan Green Magpie
The name Indonesia : -
Altitude : 500-2000 m
(see also: obat burung)
Ekstralimital : -
Endemic : Java
Indonesian endemic : Yes
Regional Distribution : Java
IUCN Status : CR
Status Year : 2012
Protected type : None
Birds Limited Distribution : Not
Description Shape : Small-sized ( 20 cm ) for the Crow tribe . Green similar to layongan jays ( C. chinensis ) , but the tail C. Thalassina shorter and there is a black line at the tertiary feathers .
C. jefferyi similar , but has a brown iris and green body feathers brighter .

Description Sound : loud piercing cry of " tii - tii - tii - tir " or " e - kek - ge - ling " with the first three tone quickly and in a similar vein , and the fourth tone elongated and decreased .
Habits : Flying in small groups , often voiced noisy but hard to see colorful though . Hunt insects on the bottom layer in the forest . Looking invertebrate prey and other small vertebrates .
Spreading Global : Endemic Java.
Local deployment : Only found in the western part of Java Island and central , limited spread and since 2001 only recorded in four protected areas ( TN Merapi , TN - Hazy Salak , TN Gede - Pangrango and Dieng Mountains . (see also: vitamin burung)

Habitat : forest dwellers hills and mountains , the plains and rarely visited area of ​​plantation and forest edge .
Pressure : Natural forest below 1,000 m asl in Java has been opened , and is regarded as the cause of the population decline . Habitat loss and degradation , arrests for trading .
Other information : In 2012 , this kind of separated from the parent taxa ( Cissa Thalassina ) into Cissa Thalassina ( Javan Green Magpie ) and Cissa jefferyi ( Bornean Green Magpie ) .


Friday, March 7, 2014

5.6 Classification of Living Things and Classification Kingdom Domains

Scientific Classification of Living Things shows how biologists classify and categorize species of organisms that are alive or extinct . Rooted in the modern classification system of Carolus Linnaeus , who classifies species according to the physical characteristics that are owned in common . This grouping has been revised since Linnaeus to protect the principle of persistence DNG general character which is derived from darwin .
(see also: pakan burung)

To be able to know and learn to live with the whole thing not easily to be made to the classification ( grouping ) of living things . Classification of living things is one step to sort and classify living things so specific group or unit . The order of classification of living things from the highest level to the lowest ( which is currently used ) is a domain ( place ) , kingdom ( empire ) , phylum or phyla ( animal ) / divisio ( plants ) , classis ( class ) , order ( nation ) , family ( tribe ) , genus ( genus ) , and species ( type) .

The purpose of that is for the classification of living things easier to know , to compare and study of living things . Compare the similarities and differences in meaning track or character traits in living things .

Classification of living things based on similarities and differences that characterize living things, for example the form of the body or the benefits the tool body . Living things that memliliki same characteristics are grouped in one class .

Parable classification of living things , namely :
According to his size . Parable : plants grouped trees , shrubs , and bushes .
According to their environment . Parable : plants grouped plants living in arid environments ( xerofit ) , plants that live in water environments ( hidrofit ) , and plants that live in damp environments ( higrofit ) .
According benefits. Parable : plants grouped medicinal plants , clothing plants , ornamental plants and food crops and other .
According to the type of food . Parable : animals grouped carnivores ( carnivores ) , plant-eating animals ( herbivores ) , as well as animal and plant -eating animals ( omnivores ) .
Step grouping living things like this thought that because due to lack of suitable clustering in living things DNG step so contrived by those who desire breaks .

Domain Classification System
Later , the system was once considered stale kingdom , to set up a new system that adds order and have fewer types , namely the domain . There are three types of domains , namely :

Archaea ( From Archaebacteria )
Bacteria ( From eubacteria ) (see also: pakan burung cendet)
Eukaryotes ( As of Fungi , Animal , Plant , And protists )


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

End Negotiations Failed Final Crisis in Ukraine

KIEV - The foreign ministers from around the world failed to reach an agreement ending the crisis in Ukraine . But one thing they all agreed that the crisis will not end with the war .

( see also: lomba burung )

" All parties have agreed to resolve this issue by way of dialogue , " said Secretary of State United States ( U.S. ) John Kerry , as quoted by CNN on Thursday ( 06/03/2014 ) .

Previous meetings were held by the foreign ministers of the U.S. , Britain , France , Germany , Ukraine , and Russia . Kerry called the meeting as negotiations went very early and called constructive .

" Looking for a deal will be difficult . , But I chose to do this ( negotiation ) than previously seen events ( Russian military intervention in Ukraine ) , " said Kerry .

While French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius feel optimistic over the developments in the negotiations . According to Fabius , all parties have a meeting will continue the conversation .

Despite failing to reach an agreement , the Russian Foreign Ministry made ​​the comments that it has reached an agreement with the U.S. , on the implementation of the transition of power in Ukraine . But Kerry did not mention it in his speech .

Talks intensive world of diplomats was held after rising tensions on the peninsula of Crimea , Ukraine . Ukrainian officials and Western countries accuse Russia sent thousands of troops in the past week .

( see also: lomba burung dara )

But Russia has denied the accusations of Ukraian . Russia argued they have the right to use military force to protect ethnic Russians residing in Crimea .