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5.6 Classification of Living Things and Classification Kingdom Domains

Scientific Classification of Living Things shows how biologists classify and categorize species of organisms that are alive or extinct . Rooted in the modern classification system of Carolus Linnaeus , who classifies species according to the physical characteristics that are owned in common . This grouping has been revised since Linnaeus to protect the principle of persistence DNG general character which is derived from darwin .
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To be able to know and learn to live with the whole thing not easily to be made to the classification ( grouping ) of living things . Classification of living things is one step to sort and classify living things so specific group or unit . The order of classification of living things from the highest level to the lowest ( which is currently used ) is a domain ( place ) , kingdom ( empire ) , phylum or phyla ( animal ) / divisio ( plants ) , classis ( class ) , order ( nation ) , family ( tribe ) , genus ( genus ) , and species ( type) .

The purpose of that is for the classification of living things easier to know , to compare and study of living things . Compare the similarities and differences in meaning track or character traits in living things .

Classification of living things based on similarities and differences that characterize living things, for example the form of the body or the benefits the tool body . Living things that memliliki same characteristics are grouped in one class .

Parable classification of living things , namely :
According to his size . Parable : plants grouped trees , shrubs , and bushes .
According to their environment . Parable : plants grouped plants living in arid environments ( xerofit ) , plants that live in water environments ( hidrofit ) , and plants that live in damp environments ( higrofit ) .
According benefits. Parable : plants grouped medicinal plants , clothing plants , ornamental plants and food crops and other .
According to the type of food . Parable : animals grouped carnivores ( carnivores ) , plant-eating animals ( herbivores ) , as well as animal and plant -eating animals ( omnivores ) .
Step grouping living things like this thought that because due to lack of suitable clustering in living things DNG step so contrived by those who desire breaks .

Domain Classification System
Later , the system was once considered stale kingdom , to set up a new system that adds order and have fewer types , namely the domain . There are three types of domains , namely :

Archaea ( From Archaebacteria )
Bacteria ( From eubacteria ) (see also: pakan burung cendet)
Eukaryotes ( As of Fungi , Animal , Plant , And protists )


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