Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Advan Want So Samsung was Indonesia

With growing product sales , Advan continues to increase its sales target and hopes to become a " Samsung " the Indonesian when all its products can be produced here .

This is expressed as the Business Executive Heng Setianto Advan Java . He claims , in 2013 the average sales per month Advan reached 1 million units for all products , so that the total sales of approximately 12 million . This year , Advan targeting sales doubled so 24 million units .

" Last year , Indonesia's sales of 1 million units per month . Rise each year , this year 100 to 200 percent of sales targets rose , " Heng said on the sidelines of the Android Coaching Clinic at Paragon Mall Semarang .

Advan established since 1998 and produces a variety of electronic tools , Namu is now 50 % of production is the remaining tablets and smartphones and feature phones . Each year more than 10 new types of both tablets and smartphones issued by Advan .
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" Smartphones and feature phones as a companion . Tablets 50 % , " he said .

This year Advan believes its new tablet -type T5C able to boost sales . Advan Marketing Campaign , Happy Hilvianti said , since its launch last February , until now claimed to have sold 5,000 units T5C in Semarang .

" Segments us to T5C ie college kids and young professionals . During the exhibition ( in Paragon Mall Semarang ) priced at USD 1,899 million , " he said


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