Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update Latest, Make BBM Makin Shines

After greeting the Android platforms 4.0 and above users , the BlackBerry is now also bring BBM to Android Gingerbread device users older . Through the update rolled out on February 18 last , your Android phone owners " Ginger Bread " can now taste the instant messaging service that was popular in this country . Meanwhile , the Android ICS phone owners now can sample some of the new features such as BBM Channel and phone calls over the internet . Check out the following :

1 . Download BBM For Android from the Play Store .

2 . Open BBM and Sign -in with your BlackBerry ID as usual .
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3 . Upon successful sign in please select settings that are left and tap Channels . Readers need to know that the fuel channel feature is only available for users of Android 4.0 ICS phone up .

4 . BBM Channel To enjoy the service , users are required to enter your date of birth to help the BlackBerry in presenting content that fits with your age .

5 . Then the fuel will seek approval to access your location . Press " Accept " to approve . GPS and location services when you have not activated please touch " settings " and tick the box next to " Google Location Services " as well as the GPS Satellites .

6 . Once all the settings are done you are doing , you can start browsing the fuel channel you want to follow . You can search channels by selecting the search icon in the upper right corner . Try to use keywords that are related to hobbies , favorite sports team , favorite artists , or your favorite brand . To directly join a channel press the icon to the right of the channel name .

7 . Besides the fuel channel , you can also make phone calls to BBM contacts through the Internet connection . Simply touch the phone icon on your BBM contacts and BBM will make phone calls utilizing existing Internet connection . The presence of voice call features for users of Android ICS is certainly intended to counter the existence of other Android chat application that has already brought similar features .

8 . In this latest update , the fuel is now also supports backup chat history via email . To perform a backup , the user must enter into and perform backups chat contacts one by one by selecting the setting and continue with Email chat .

9 . With Find Friends on BBM , users can now also send an invitation or an invitation to a contact list without having to know the PIN. If the number in the contact list of the user instead of fuel, the invitation will be sent via sms to include your own PIN and BBM invitations to download from the Play Store or AppStore .


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