Tuesday, April 29, 2014

" Hijackers " Virgin Blue Aircraft Crew Indicted Disruptive

Australians, Matt Christopher , banging on the cockpit of Virgin Blue destinations Brisbane - Bali , prosecuted for the offense . He faces one count of disturbing the flight crew .

Matt confessed because he mistakenly thought the cockpit door as the door of the small room at the Kangaroo aircraft 's country of origin .

The man who worked as a plumber that Indonesian forces freed without charge on Sunday , last week .

The 27-year -old man will be tried in a Brisbane court on June 6, related to the events on the plane between Brisbane and Bali paa April 25.
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The Indonesian authorities initially thought Lockley drunk , but he was denied . Matt stated that the drama occurring as a result of a misunderstanding .

" This is a misunderstanding . Experiencing panic and I want to go to the bathroom , then I mistakenly knocked the cockpit , " he said at police headquarters in Bali , before he returned to Australia .

Security forces were deployed to the airport when the Boeing 737-800 touched down , and after the pilot gave no report alleged piracy efforts since heard someone banging on the cockpit door with a bang .

Matt herded out of the plane with a fully armed troops and the airport was closed for a moment .

Matt admitted under pressure during a trip to Indonesia to track down his wife , an Indonesian citizen , after losing contact over recent weeks.


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