Friday, April 18, 2014

Brazilian campaign against child sex crimes

Brazil launched a national campaign against sexual exploitation of children while preparing to play host to millions of visitors who will watch the 2014 World Cup matches

Campaign with the slogan " Do not turn away " which was launched on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) aims to raise awareness of crime and encourage people to report sexual crimes against children .

As part of the campaign , the local government promote telephone service number called Disk - 100 which people can use to report sexual crimes against children .

Soccer player Kaka and Juninho Pernambucano , who played for the Brazilian national team , participated in the campaign which is being published in the mass media and displayed in large banners in strategic places .

" Brazil will receive a lot of tourists and we had a reputation as a country is above the law , " said Juninho Pernambucano who played for Brazil at the 2006 World Cup , Germany .

" I am a father of three daughters and I come from the northeast , where exploitation is much more extensive than in other regions , " he said as quoted by Xinhua news agency .

" The campaign aims to save the children and adolescents of the country 's difficult situation " he added .
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The campaign is coordinated by the National Mayors ' Front ( FNP ) and the Social Services Industry ( SESI ) that is part of an international initiative launched in 2012 in Europe .


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