Thursday, May 22, 2014

risk Democracy

IN the implementation of democracy in Indonesia is often heard criticism about the lack of realization of democracy only on procedural level .

Democracy is realized only through the establishment of institutions and procedures and implementation , but have not shown the results promised by him as a political system . There is a House of Representatives , but more members busy with themselves and not much is acting as the voice and the interests of those they represent and who have chosen them because of various promises and dreams of the future has to offer .
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There is a general election , but the results are still often questioned whether the results really show the voice of the people , or to become an echo incessant dawn attack , or a reflection of counting discipline that invites questions and doubts . Similarly, there is a judicial institution , but confusion still seeking justice , to seek justice and where they can find it . There is a government with various ministries , but quite a lot of families who remain huddled below the poverty line , with the condition that not much changed from one regime to another regime .

All of this eventually lead to the assumption that democracy is merely a formality , which does not bring substantive improvements to the welfare of the people in the form of a more equitable , more certain justice , and the protection of the rights of people who feel safe under the auspices of the law . Meanwhile , we know , both the substance and procedure of democracy , are two equally important things , like two sides of the same coin .


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