Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If the Democratic vice presidential Change Convention Thus , Gita Wirjawan Abandonment

One of the participants of the Democratic convention , Gita Wirjawan , believes that the final outcome of the convention was still carrying the presidential candidates . According to him , it is consistent with the convention held at the beginning .

" I think we must be consistent , in the sense of the word , the initial objective of the right to continue and finish this convention until the end of April . With notes , this is for the benefit pencapresan , " Gita said in Jakarta on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

He said that , until now , there has been no decision to change the convention be carrying the vice presidential candidate . However , it is the prerogative of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party headed by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .
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Former trade minister resigned if admitted later agreed was carrying the vice president of the convention . " Anyway, whatever was decided Pak SBY , I will respect it , " he explained .

Gita claimed to have spent large enough for a convention in the 2014 election . He said that it was done in order to raise the popularity and elektabilitasnya .

However , he does not tell you how much it costs already incurred . " Yeah hopefully worth it , people can judge whether I was worthy to be a leader , " he explained .

Previously , the Democratic Party convention to consider changing their presidential candidate who became the convention 's degree candidate . This is because the vote on the Democrats in 2014 legislative elections did not meet the target , only in the range of 9 percent based on a quick count .

" The Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention could be converted into a convention running mate with the same participants , " said Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily Democrat , EE Mangindaan , in Jakarta , yesterday .

That is , the transport minister said , not impossible to do because of a sharp drop in Democratic votes this election . The Democratic party in the 2009 elections is a winner with the acquisition of 20.85 percent of the national vote , now just sits in fourth position , under the PDI-P , Golkar , and Gerindra .

Meanwhile , the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee fully devolved to the fate of convention attendees Upper House Democrat who chaired Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . " The Committee organizes and facilitates . So , now we proceed to the upper house , "said the member of the Convention Committee , Fera Febrianti .


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