Thursday, April 17, 2014

The testimony of the South Ferry Captain Sewol

Jindo - Not yet known what caused the ferry to South Korea ( ROK), which sank , killing nine passengers . While the ship's captain admitted that the vessel suddenly sank .

Captain Lee Joon - seok who survived and is currently being interrogated by investigators , insisting that the vessel does not bump into anything .

" The ship did not hit a reef , " said Lee , as quoted by Dong - A Ilbo , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

"The ship suddenly sank . I do not know the reason for sure , " continued the 60 -year -old man .

It remains unclear what caused the boat to sink weighing 6.825 tons . While the passengers said she heard a loud noise before the ship stalled and eventually drowned .
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Call for help from a previously scattered survivors . The passenger took video footage shouting emergencies . Women were warned that water entered the ship .

While South Korean President Park Geun - Hye said he was surprised by this incident . He expressed his sadness over the events that occurred .

" Please do not give up until the end of time ( passenger found ) , " said President Park .

Ferry Sewol reportedly carrying approximately 450 passengers . Nine people were confirmed dead , while 179 others were rescued .


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