Sunday, April 13, 2014

Requested Regional Head Protecting Productive Agricultural Land

Agriculture Minister ( Minister of Agriculture ) Suswono ask regents and local government leaders who attended the APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) in 2014 , to protect productive agricultural land , so as to suppress the conversion of land into industrial zones and other designated .

On the occasion, Suswono warned , the next challenge of the larger agricultural sector . In addition to extreme climate change , conversion of agricultural land is also more prevalent . This , he said , could threaten the growing food needs . It is feared that cause food insecurity .

"Please the Regents , productive agricultural land not converted . Certainly there must be a master in the form of spatial plan area . Janfan to productive land become a victim , " said Suswono , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Suswono explained , the agricultural sector has a strategic role as a provider of food . Conflicts between countries occurred as food . Suwsono added that Indonesia deserves strong achieve food security . " At any given time , the food sector is always needed , " he said .

The second role , is employment . He said that as many as 38 percent of the labor force is absorbed by the agricultural sector .
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Meanwhile , agriculture is the third role as industrial raw materials . " The hope is not agricultural products exported in the raw again , but the final product , " said Suswono .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Update Latest, Make BBM Makin Shines

After greeting the Android platforms 4.0 and above users , the BlackBerry is now also bring BBM to Android Gingerbread device users older . Through the update rolled out on February 18 last , your Android phone owners " Ginger Bread " can now taste the instant messaging service that was popular in this country . Meanwhile , the Android ICS phone owners now can sample some of the new features such as BBM Channel and phone calls over the internet . Check out the following :

1 . Download BBM For Android from the Play Store .

2 . Open BBM and Sign -in with your BlackBerry ID as usual .
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3 . Upon successful sign in please select settings that are left and tap Channels . Readers need to know that the fuel channel feature is only available for users of Android 4.0 ICS phone up .

4 . BBM Channel To enjoy the service , users are required to enter your date of birth to help the BlackBerry in presenting content that fits with your age .

5 . Then the fuel will seek approval to access your location . Press " Accept " to approve . GPS and location services when you have not activated please touch " settings " and tick the box next to " Google Location Services " as well as the GPS Satellites .

6 . Once all the settings are done you are doing , you can start browsing the fuel channel you want to follow . You can search channels by selecting the search icon in the upper right corner . Try to use keywords that are related to hobbies , favorite sports team , favorite artists , or your favorite brand . To directly join a channel press the icon to the right of the channel name .

7 . Besides the fuel channel , you can also make phone calls to BBM contacts through the Internet connection . Simply touch the phone icon on your BBM contacts and BBM will make phone calls utilizing existing Internet connection . The presence of voice call features for users of Android ICS is certainly intended to counter the existence of other Android chat application that has already brought similar features .

8 . In this latest update , the fuel is now also supports backup chat history via email . To perform a backup , the user must enter into and perform backups chat contacts one by one by selecting the setting and continue with Email chat .

9 . With Find Friends on BBM , users can now also send an invitation or an invitation to a contact list without having to know the PIN. If the number in the contact list of the user instead of fuel, the invitation will be sent via sms to include your own PIN and BBM invitations to download from the Play Store or AppStore .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

After Hillary Clinton's reaction Throw Shoe Dodge ...

A woman threw a shoe to Hillary Clinton on Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) , when the former U.S. Secretary of State who was also the first lady 's speech in Las Vegas . Hillary was able to dodge the throw and continued his speech by inserting comments into the incident light .

The incident was revealed by a statement from a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service , George Ogilvie . " Protesters were not living for Clinton's speech at the Mandalay Bay Hotel , " he said , as quoted by Reuters .

Ogilvie said that since the beginning of the security officers , Secret Service and hotels , have already marked the women's shoe thrower . " As soon as the agent and the hotel security approached him, he threw the shoe (toward Clinton ) and he was immediately arrested . "

Excerpts of the speech and the shoe throwing incident was caught on camera and then aired on the television network KTNV - TV . Here is the link of the news and video footage of the incident :

Look , throw the shoes narrowly missed the head is Hillary . However, the reflex reaction of 66 -year -old woman was seen still quite spry . He immediately looked down to the left side and slightly bent .

When the incident occurred , according to The Las Vegas Review - Journal , Clinton making a speech in front of about 1,000 conference participants about recycling metals . " Did someone throw something at me ? " Clinton said shortly after the incident .

Hillary 's comments appears when the camera is panned woman who threw shoes led officers to leave the conference arena . " Is this part of the Cirque du Soleil ? " Hillary is torn up to make participants laugh . He continues , " My goodness , I do not know that waste management is so controversial . "

Mark Carpenter , the Institute of Scrap Recycling spokesman Industries , ensuring the shoe thrower not at all associated with the institution. The Institute is an event organizer that presents Hillary as a speaker .

" Our staff refused access to him but he broke through the security officer . Officer safety ( other ) intercepted when approaching the stage . He has been handed over to law enforcement , " said Carpenter .

Throwing a shoe at the stage of world politics is a form of protest that have appeared in diverse parts of the world . In 2008 , for example , President George W. Bush throws shoes get when appearing with Iraqi Prime Minister at a press conference in Baghdad .
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A spokesman for the hotel told Reuters that he had no information regarding the incident . While Clinton's spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this incident .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Advan Want So Samsung was Indonesia

With growing product sales , Advan continues to increase its sales target and hopes to become a " Samsung " the Indonesian when all its products can be produced here .

This is expressed as the Business Executive Heng Setianto Advan Java . He claims , in 2013 the average sales per month Advan reached 1 million units for all products , so that the total sales of approximately 12 million . This year , Advan targeting sales doubled so 24 million units .

" Last year , Indonesia's sales of 1 million units per month . Rise each year , this year 100 to 200 percent of sales targets rose , " Heng said on the sidelines of the Android Coaching Clinic at Paragon Mall Semarang .

Advan established since 1998 and produces a variety of electronic tools , Namu is now 50 % of production is the remaining tablets and smartphones and feature phones . Each year more than 10 new types of both tablets and smartphones issued by Advan .
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" Smartphones and feature phones as a companion . Tablets 50 % , " he said .

This year Advan believes its new tablet -type T5C able to boost sales . Advan Marketing Campaign , Happy Hilvianti said , since its launch last February , until now claimed to have sold 5,000 units T5C in Semarang .

" Segments us to T5C ie college kids and young professionals . During the exhibition ( in Paragon Mall Semarang ) priced at USD 1,899 million , " he said


Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Counter Yahoo! YouTube

After failing to acquire the video site Dailymotion , Yahoo! does not necessarily give in presenting video platform . Yahoo! is reportedly working on a project that is ready to match the video platform YouTube - made ​​by Google .

But this is not easy for Yahoo! , reason , the mind of people around the world had already centralized to YouTube if they want to access the video . Moreover , people often used YouTube as a means to start a career in the entertainment world . In this case Yahoo! required to be able to present what had already been presented YouTube . (see also: waptrick)

A source says , Yahoo! even persuaded a number of " YouTube artist " to put his video if someday Yahoo! launches video platform . " The strategy is Yahoo! do not just simply ask people to put up a video , " said the source , who told Tech Times , Monday, March 31, 2014 .

According to the news , the artificial Yahoo! video platform is personal and can not be accessed by anyone . The search giant is still selecting the site any content which will attract people to access video platform . Although initially not freely accessible , Yahoo! will be presenting a platform that enables everyone to upload videos .

So far , though YouTube does not have a competitor that is able to match it . Over the past year , traffic or traffic access to YouTube has increased significantly , which is 40 per cent compared to 2012.
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The main strategy is to be done to compete with Yahoo! YouTube is new content and appearance of the site of interest. Not forgetting special application made ​​on mobile devices . Access video from digital slates and smart phones is believed to boost traffic to be profitable for the platform provider .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Data, Cissa thalassina

Medium-sized ( 32 cm ) green eyes with a strip of black , red beak , and wings chestnut brown , brown iris and red legs .

Other information
Latin Name : Cissa Thalassina
English Name : Javan Green Magpie
The name Indonesia : -
Altitude : 500-2000 m
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Ekstralimital : -
Endemic : Java
Indonesian endemic : Yes
Regional Distribution : Java
IUCN Status : CR
Status Year : 2012
Protected type : None
Birds Limited Distribution : Not
Description Shape : Small-sized ( 20 cm ) for the Crow tribe . Green similar to layongan jays ( C. chinensis ) , but the tail C. Thalassina shorter and there is a black line at the tertiary feathers .
C. jefferyi similar , but has a brown iris and green body feathers brighter .

Description Sound : loud piercing cry of " tii - tii - tii - tir " or " e - kek - ge - ling " with the first three tone quickly and in a similar vein , and the fourth tone elongated and decreased .
Habits : Flying in small groups , often voiced noisy but hard to see colorful though . Hunt insects on the bottom layer in the forest . Looking invertebrate prey and other small vertebrates .
Spreading Global : Endemic Java.
Local deployment : Only found in the western part of Java Island and central , limited spread and since 2001 only recorded in four protected areas ( TN Merapi , TN - Hazy Salak , TN Gede - Pangrango and Dieng Mountains . (see also: vitamin burung)

Habitat : forest dwellers hills and mountains , the plains and rarely visited area of ​​plantation and forest edge .
Pressure : Natural forest below 1,000 m asl in Java has been opened , and is regarded as the cause of the population decline . Habitat loss and degradation , arrests for trading .
Other information : In 2012 , this kind of separated from the parent taxa ( Cissa Thalassina ) into Cissa Thalassina ( Javan Green Magpie ) and Cissa jefferyi ( Bornean Green Magpie ) .


Friday, March 7, 2014

5.6 Classification of Living Things and Classification Kingdom Domains

Scientific Classification of Living Things shows how biologists classify and categorize species of organisms that are alive or extinct . Rooted in the modern classification system of Carolus Linnaeus , who classifies species according to the physical characteristics that are owned in common . This grouping has been revised since Linnaeus to protect the principle of persistence DNG general character which is derived from darwin .
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To be able to know and learn to live with the whole thing not easily to be made to the classification ( grouping ) of living things . Classification of living things is one step to sort and classify living things so specific group or unit . The order of classification of living things from the highest level to the lowest ( which is currently used ) is a domain ( place ) , kingdom ( empire ) , phylum or phyla ( animal ) / divisio ( plants ) , classis ( class ) , order ( nation ) , family ( tribe ) , genus ( genus ) , and species ( type) .

The purpose of that is for the classification of living things easier to know , to compare and study of living things . Compare the similarities and differences in meaning track or character traits in living things .

Classification of living things based on similarities and differences that characterize living things, for example the form of the body or the benefits the tool body . Living things that memliliki same characteristics are grouped in one class .

Parable classification of living things , namely :
According to his size . Parable : plants grouped trees , shrubs , and bushes .
According to their environment . Parable : plants grouped plants living in arid environments ( xerofit ) , plants that live in water environments ( hidrofit ) , and plants that live in damp environments ( higrofit ) .
According benefits. Parable : plants grouped medicinal plants , clothing plants , ornamental plants and food crops and other .
According to the type of food . Parable : animals grouped carnivores ( carnivores ) , plant-eating animals ( herbivores ) , as well as animal and plant -eating animals ( omnivores ) .
Step grouping living things like this thought that because due to lack of suitable clustering in living things DNG step so contrived by those who desire breaks .

Domain Classification System
Later , the system was once considered stale kingdom , to set up a new system that adds order and have fewer types , namely the domain . There are three types of domains , namely :

Archaea ( From Archaebacteria )
Bacteria ( From eubacteria ) (see also: pakan burung cendet)
Eukaryotes ( As of Fungi , Animal , Plant , And protists )