Thursday, May 1, 2014

Claiming Faisal Akbar Witness of Brutality Election

Legislative elections ( pileg ) in 2014 just waiting for the results of the national vote Recapitulation currently being calculated General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

But unfortunately , the practice is giving money and food or known as the thick felt of money politics is everywhere to get their legislative seats .
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Candidates for the House of Representatives of NasDem , Akbar Faisal , pileg 2014 is the most brutal election ever attended . According to him , there is a serious violation that meets the current elections .

"The elections this year are very brutal . I am a witness of the brutality . Luckily I was able to seat . If I was just a little off guard , can escape . Political money and groceries defeat on election rules contained in Law No. 8 of 2012 , " said Akbar in Jakarta , Thursday ( 1/5 ) .

DPP Chairman NasDem Legal Affairs and Human Rights , Taufik Basari , also highlighted the rampant election money in elections this year . " Like the free market , all played using the money for seats , " said Taufik .

Taufik also urge people to be more pro - active if you see or know of any violation as indicated by the presence of political money . " Things like this should not be allowed because it would undermine democracy in Indonesia is sublime . Resistance politics should not only be done by candidates and political parties , but the people . However , it should be realized artifacts on evidentiary issues , " he said .

Executive Director Charta Politika , Yunarto Wijaya , assess pileg 2014 is no different from previous elections . In fact , Yunarto also worried will happen in the presidential elections next July .

" When the turnout could be increased from election to election , then we say we are more qualified election , the election we are more successful , please read the data in developed countries , elections here are still stuck in a vicious circle when it becomes an element mobilization the most important , so we will repeat the same discussion - discussion every five years , "said Yunarto .


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