Sunday, April 27, 2014

Innalillahi, Idris Sardi Violin Maestro Passed Away

Innalillahi wa'innailaihi raji'un . Violin maestro Idris Sardi ( 76 years old ) who was critical due to complications of her illness has passed away into Rahmatullah . Idris Sardi died on Monday, April 28, 2014 , at 7:28 pm at the Hospital Meilia , Cibubur , Depok , West Java ( West Java ) .

'' Yes , Idris Sardi has meninggalakan we all face the Creator , '' said Akhmad Amazon , music and entertainment analyst when contacted by Reuters on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

According to Amazon , Idris Sardi already long illness since December 2013 is suffering from some sort of slam that many in the stomach to affect the pulmonary valve and also suffering from liver disease . '' Please prayer , may the hand of his deceased received , Aamiin ! , '' Firmly Amazon .

It is said that at this time Amazon was in hospital , the bodies of the deceased while still in the hospital Meilia Cibubur . '' Being taken care of and will soon be brought to a funeral home in Foreman Ety Road , No. 26 , New Land , Beji , Depok , West Java . The plan will be interred bada noon , '' he explained .
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Certainty of death of Idris Sardi also come from Gerindra politician , Fadli Zon . '' Idris Sardi has left us all . May the deceased received the best hand of God Almighty . Aamiin ! , '' He said .

Idris Sardi sick since mid- December 2013 ago. Violinist who has recorded around 1,900 work in Compact Disc or CD is a kind of disease that many slam in the stomach to affect the pulmonary valve and also suffering from liver disease .

The eldest of eight children born in Jakarta, June 7, 1938 is the last to do a concert on December 16, 2013 , titled " Maestro Violin Solo Concert Idris Sardi " in the National Library Theater relating to the launch of the prominent film websites Indonesian literature .

The trip could not escape the legend that started digaulinya violin at age five years . Art blood flowing from his father Mas Sardi which is a multi- instrumentalist and performer of various musical genres such as jazz , entertainment , as well as the classic Mother Hadidjah which is a well-known actress at the time.


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